Content behind the ID

Hi, I recently interacted with someone on a post and looking at my pseudonym, he was curious whether I kept it because I had a liking for highways? So I wanted to set the record straight and here you go.

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Future Tense by BillboardVagabond is what I write under and it is so because I am a pessimist by nature and therefore the future can’t be all hunky-dory.

The pseudonym is because I like anonymity in my posts lest someone catch me red-handed. There have been quite a few instances of sharing with you real-life incidents both on a personal and professional level that it becomes imperative for me to keep the respective identities under wraps to be on the right side of morals and ethics.

There was a time especially when I started the blog that I used to love wandering about and love watching billboards and for me, the ideal destination as a consequence is Times Square in New York.

I have also been in talks with a UI/UX designer colleague of mine who said and showcased a prospective logo for this blog which was perfect in a sense because I do feel the need to build it up, the blog that is.

I’ve harped on it a couple of times as well but I do get a creative kick of sorts through this way of expressing myself so why not.

Let me know why you kept the blog name that you did if it isn’t obvious by the name itself. Any quirky reasons that you want to share? For those of you who wanted to get to the bottom of my blog name, NOW YOU KNOW…

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2 thoughts on “Content behind the ID

  1. I’ve always wondered why some bloggers have such interesting titles. Thank you for explaining yours.
    My blog title is simple. My Corner of the World is a safe environment where readers can learn more about me and my writing. You’ll also find links to my Facebook page, website, and other interesting places. Check it out!

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