Lo and behold

The circumstances dictate that India cannot be a travel destination yet but this is about if you were coming here, what would catch you by surprise considering first impressions. As soon as the thought crossed my mind to write on the topic, I couldn’t help but think of Carol Balawyder who is fascinated by India and I looked upon her as inspiration.

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Gateway of India

When people/caucasians come to India they want to see the REAL India and I say this from personal experience given what I did as a guide in Delhi 101. They get enamoured by the socioeconomic divide and want to see people dwelling on the road.

  1. Poverty in its extreme can be seen at major crossings with beggars that beggar belief. Some beggars are so adept at it in this side of town that they’ve almost made it a successful enterprise with some Hindi movies also depicting the same.
  2. If you don’t want your stomach to go for a toss then stay away from eatables including fruits and salads in the open and always have bottled water(Kinley or Aquafina). We are accustomed to our gut and bacteria but we as inhabitants are prone to an occasional stomach upset, food poisoning so leave aside an alien from foreign shores.
  3. The kind of fauna on offer is second only to an African safari with cows, monkeys, dogs, cats, donkeys, buffaloes, etc out in the open with aplomb giving new meaning to the oxymoron organized chaos.
  4. Crossing the road is one of the most novel experiences that you might get provided it is at a busy intersection. You won’t know what hit, I mean, missed you. One of the more busy roads is right across from my balcony and if it is any indication then going opposite to the traffic is the latest fad done with impunity. Drunken driving cases frequency is on par with Arnold Schwarzenegger going to the gym. There were 467,044 road accidents REPORTED in India in 2018 and we are growing by leaps and bounds.
  5. Another fact that would catch you by surprise or make you cringe is people in India defecating in the open. To pee or not to pee is the question facing many a knight.

What part about India catches your fancy or makes you want to travel here? Share your own experiences as comments and for the record, in no way am I trying to demean India. This was all as a matter of fact statement.

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