Mr A’s Interview

The artist that I’m going to introduce to you is a former college batch mate of mine and we sang a duet/cover of Audioslave-Like a stone, during Revels 2004, our cultural fest for MIT, Manipal for the band Mary J. Needless to add, he’s a good friend of mine who’s branched out in recent times. He is none other than Ashish Lucky Dubey or Mr. A who is the current YouTube sensation with a mash up between Ajj Din Chadheya | Mann Ki Lagan which has garnered more than 100k views in a little more than one week and his current mash up Tere Bina X Girls Like You has had 100k views in just four days.

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Q. Ashish good to have you buddy, been ages. How’ve you been?

Ans. XXX (Surdy) how are you doing buddy? I’m great, yes, you didn’t come for the Goa reunion so long time. 

Q. Did you expect such a response in such a short span of time and what would you like to say to your audience?

Ans. Seriously, I didn’t expect such a great response. Of course, I expected good thousands because I’m already an influencer with a good following but the last two songs’ response was like a wildfire. My audience is my God

Q. Where do you get your creative juices from? What inspires you?

Ans.  I’ve been listening to a lot of music and different genres and different languages so I get a lot of mashup ideas and I guess I’m doing something right. My mother (who I lost 3 years back) inspires me every day. 

Q. What makes you decide on the songs that you want to hone in or eventually sing?

Ans. These are some of my all-time favourites and mostly I’m doing the songs I grew up listening to but yes I’m incorporating some latest ones like “girls like you” mashed up with a song 10 years older than that.

Q. Is it only mash ups that we can look forward to or are there originals or other covers in store?

Ans. I’ve shot for one Punjabi mashup I recorded and have recorded 1 original song in both Hindi and Kannada and 1 Hindi cover single.

Q. What is your ultimate aim as a singer? Wider audience or Indian Film Industry?

Ans. I want my music to be well known and should reach out to a wider audience. I want to perform on every big stage of the world and also be a household name. If I get a Bollywood opportunity then I’d take it but I want to be more like a pop/rock artist of India. 

Q. What are your hobbies other than singing?

Ans. I like to run marathons and do calisthenics and weight lifting. Basically working out is what I love to do and definitely watching movies and sitcoms on various OTT platforms. 

Q. Yesterday(6/21/20) was Father’s Day? Would you like to say something to your Father and what he means to you?

Ans. I’ve already posted some 3 posts on my social media handles for Father’s Day for some brands and told my few instances where my dad has stood by me as my biggest strength and he’s my guide. 

Q. Any message to your fans in general or to the audience that’s reading this right now?

Ans. More songs to come and please visit my channel and leave your feedback and any song you want me to sing and release next. I owe all my success to you, my audience and listeners, keep showing more love

Thanks for your time Mr. A and I wish you all the luck in the world in your future endeavours. Leaving you guys reading this with a couple of videos of Ashish and the reason why I took the interview. I would encourage everyone to leave their comments for Ashish in the comments section.

Tere Bina X Girls Like You
Nazm Nazm X Yellow

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