Speedy Justice

There are three pillars to the Indian Democracy:-

  1. Executive
  2. Legislature
  3. Judiciary

In some circles Journalism is known as the fourth pillar provided you can overlook the Melodrama Inc. especially in the vernacular languages across the land. This post is about the head of the Judiciary in the country or the Chief Justice of India, SA Bobde who is seen here in the accompanying image.

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SA Bobde, His Lordship

Mr Bobde has a penchant for bikes and it is no secret but today while being captured on camera, he let go of several instances of the official secret’s act strictly in the Indian parlance.

His lordship is seen on a Harley-Davidson 2019 Touring Street Glide Special FLHXS motorcycle in Nagpur, Maharashtra costing a whopping amount of Rs. 30.83 lakh which at current exchange rates would be equivalent to USD 40,765.32.

You might want to ask as did I with Corona Virus cases in India skyrocketing like Space X rockets, why is my lord without a mask when it is a photo-op let alone seclusion? Just so you know, It is Elon Musk’s birthday today as well, talking of Space X.

Forget that what about social-distancing or you prefer to showboat with your coterie? Here’s the coup de grace. Remember how government officials or public servants or guardians of the law cannot be impartial and everybody is equal in front of the law?

Mr. Bobde or the Chief Justice of India is posing on a bike registered in the name of a Rohit Sonbaji Musale who is the progeny of Sonba Musale, a BJP leader in Nagpur, who was the BJP nominee in the assembly elections from Saoner in 2014.

At least, your highness, were you in such a rush to deliver speedy justice that you forgot to wear your helmet as well? Wearing helmets is mandatory in India even for pillion-riders but then it happens only in India.

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