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With Tik-Tok being banned in India due to the warmongering with China another app has been creating ripples in the social media space in India with over 3 million downloads in a single day. It is none other than Profoundly(

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The Profoundly website states that it has been downloaded by 7.2 million people worldwide in more than 80 countries with 40 million messages being exchanged daily and 800k users joining every month.

The app is by NearGroup Inc. which has an Indian connection because its CEO is Indian, Prashant Pitty though the company is US based(Surprise surprise!)

The USP(Unique Selling Point) of Profoundly is that it encourages you to make friends rather than swipe images to show your liking. It comes with icebreakers which could be funny or could be questioned to ease you into a conversation. It also has an intrinsic advantage of matching you with like-minded individuals nearby thought it is paid.

Another aspect worth noting is anonymous confessions which were a fad till a couple of years ago which can be sent to Facebook friends. To entice the user, an image of the person on the other device is not a given but has to be unlocked with a prolonged conversation.

It has a rating of 4.7 on Google Play with varied reviews accompanying it to make it more authentic. The major grouse is definitely about the fact that you have to BUY coins.

This was more about what is out there rather than utilizing it myself and then reviewing it lest I get punches thrown at me by my Missus. Let me know what you think or you’ve already had a taste of what it feels to communicate through Profoundly.

Please leave your comments below and I appreciate and thank you for stopping by.

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