The Statute Is At Liberty

Hi, first the reason for typing this blog followed by the justification. Yes, Happy 4th of July people. There is so much going for me when it comes to the USA that I had to share this with you. Almost 90% of the content that I watch, on Netflix, YouTube, Disney, Amazon Prime is all about The States. Needless to add that I work for an American company with American owners, my Reporting Manager is American, my brother and Sister-in-law work for Amazon, my best friend stays in Dallas and last but not the least, you the audience, comprise 40% which is from the US.

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The “celebration” was a long weekend thanks to the American way of giving a Friday leave when the holiday is on Saturday. I am NOT complaining. I probably saw the worst movie of the Star Wars franchise yesterday which was Episode 8, The Last Jedi. It was so darn predictable and long drawn out full of melodrama that I wondered if it was indeed a Hollywood flick. I am just left with The Rise of Skywalker to complete the revisit.

Spent quality time with the family, supported to the hilt Manchester United and slept like Rip Van Winkle. This is Billboard Vagabond signing off mid-way through his shenanigans when it comes to the fourth of July weekend 2020. Thanks for stopping by.

PS- I just realized that the title is an oxymoron but not one that I am repenting. I have no bias or political affiliations when it comes to the American crowd. Being an Indian, I think I have enough on my plate already. What say?

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