F1 gives you wings

The Formula 1 circus started again after seven months and it was a sight to behold with McLaren showcasing that their winter testing results were no flash in the pan. It also signaled the arrival of the hottest driver on the block or should I say podium? I say this with unabashed bias, Lando Norris became the third youngest to be on the podium after Max Verstappen being the youngest followed by Lance Stroll.

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Carlos Sainz

The race was not short on incidents and few would have predicted the podium with Valteri Bottas from Mercedes triumphing followed by Charles Le Clerc from Ferrari and Lando Norris from Mclaren coming in third to complete the podium. Lewis Hamilton got a penalty for his racing incident or accident, whatever you want to call it when he hit the rear car of Alex Albon AGAIN.

Lando in his post race press conference had this to say,”

“I’m over the moon, my best Formula 1 result and my first-ever podium.

“We’re all very happy, it’s a great achievement for race one. We did a bit more on merit this weekend: our pace has been very good here. It’s not been easy: we haven’t had the third-fastest car on the grid – but we put it all together pretty much every time. We limited the mistakes we made and took advantage of every opportunity that came our way. Because of that, we got a podium, so a big thanks goes to the team at home and at the track for all their hard work.

“I would love to say we can achieve this next weekend again. We did have a little bit of luck, but we have a good car and we’ve kicked the season off with a great result. We know we’ve got a lot of work to do but if we can maintain this momentum, we can hopefully have a great season.”

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