Bittersweet Symphony

There were several hints before I was let go on Monday which by a strange coincidence was my younger brother’s birthday as well. It was short and abrupt. I was not able to come up to expectations of the C.F.O who I was reporting to as his EA(Executive Assistant).

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Photo by Ruslan Burlaka from Pexels

Sure, when you have a sample like the following. My boss is in Miami and he delegated a task which needed me to check whether the motor vehicle offices were open in Pinecrest, Miami so that I could book an appointment for him while sitting in New Delhi, India.

Better still, I had to reply on an email for his life insurance with Metlife when a consultant had already stated the ROI(Return On Investment) and if it had to be a further prod then the boss would have to contact in person. Sir, how about delivering your favourite Coca-Cola from India to Miami, USA via parcel? Oops, I am no more employed. The trouble as an EA is, who do you complain against? HR executive?, Boss’s wife?, their progeny?

Surprise has given way to trepidation with the confidence intact and a snide remark, I didn’t utter it, for the incumbent who has taken my place since I’m sure he wouldn’t last his tenure. Good riddance.

I am not cringing or whining. Never got into the negativity while I was employed and I’m not going to start now. Slowly but surely will try and build my resume and my network to make the right ‘noises’ and I have the wherewithal and the faith in the almighty that I would get an opportunity sooner rather than later.

Given my savings, I can last for the next two years without any complaints but I’m giving myself anywhere between 3 and 6 months to get back in the rat race. Hope I can remain true to my word and I have the trust of my immediate family members for the same. It gives me more quality time in the house with my son growing up as well.

For all those like me, let’s start afresh cos we never really stopped more like a stop-gap condition. In such instances, I like to use a quote from the movie My Best Friend’s Wedding starring Julia Roberts,” This too shall pass

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