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This post is on a serious topic which is an amalgamation of a lot of thoughts over the past few days on the same premise and that is healthcare in India. With cases for #COVID19 rising unabated, it is a sorry state of affairs in #India.

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First, all the noise was about if treatment was affordable to the common man and whether we as a nation were doing enough. Now it has gradually rescinded to the sorry state of affairs of the government-run hospitals irrespective of the state in India. Patients prefer a private hospital/ward which is 10 times more expensive rather than a government-run entity which may fall below the standards of decency.

Recently, I had to go to the office to provide the KT(Knowledge Transfer) to the next incumbent and on the way, I saw a huge white tent which was a makeshift hospital for the general public and I was surprised, to say the least looking at the sheer scale of operations.

I am also searching for health insurance vendors to provide cover for my immediate family since I no longer have health insurance from my office or my salary. Just in case hospitalization is needed, I would have to be prepared.

In addition, yesterday, I saw videos accompanying the #OsmaniaHospital in Hyderabad with empty wards with calf-length water in them and no solution in sight.

The spend on healthcare in India as a percentage of GDP was abysmally low at 3.535 in 2017 according to the World Bank whereas, the world average, is around 8. Add to that the pathetic state of affairs of the toilets in Government Hospitals accompanied by the revolting stench which is a constant.

There was an article in a national daily regarding the same sentence before this and the politicians never shy away from harping about the poor and the marginalized. What about the taxes that I’ve paid till now? Where is the accountability?

Friends, I am from the land of Sushruta/Susruta who was a pioneer of the medical sciences and was a path breaker to say the least. As a kid, I studied his accomplishments and as an adult I’m being taken for a ride about my health ware.

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