WordPress to impress

Hiya! This is a big shout to all the readers as I now have 200 followers. Thanks would be an understatement of the decade. It means so much to me and this is coming from a guy who LOOKS at the stats once I am through with the post umpteen times.

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200 Follows

I have a fair idea about the demographics of my blog and have some sort of consistency when it is about posting according to a schedule. So far so good. Appreciate all of you for having the faith and the trust about what I put up for the content.

There is no regular pattern about what I post and change is the only constant that I strive for. The topics on which I have posted until now have ranged from music to cooking or movie reviews to opinions that I want to share.

I don’t have an ultimate aim of having X followers but I am definitely inquisitive about my audience and I frequently check where my audience comes from even if its Baidu.

Please comment, like or follow as you’ve done till now and hope it continues in the same vein. I am not sure if my posts make you question them or I make a difference with my posts but thankful as always to you for stopping by and shall continue to post with the same vigour.

Blogging is so much better than Facebook in terms of the clean interactions and like minded individuals that I come across typing anything under the sun, whatever gets their fancy.

Comment or share your own experiences about your own blogs and keep coming back for more. THANKS!!!

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