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The pandemic has created an alternative lifestyle with changes becoming a constant in the way we adapt. This post is about a freelancing project that I’ve taken up and what to share with you just in case you might have digital marketing, website design & development needs.

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The website that you can get in touch with in this regard is or my Twitter handle @MaverickSurd. The entity in question also offers Sales Support and Market Intelligence data with an emphasis towards budding entrepreneurs, emerging businesses and special offers for veteran owned businesses.

I am handling the content side of things and welcome any vertical or entity that might need help in this regard. The accumulated experience of the team is more than 50 years and we pride ourselves with a Turn around time or a project coming to completion within seven days.

This is a one-stop shop for your marketing and digital needs and feel free to get in touch for a quote which could be anything above Rs 20,000 or USD 268 depending on the requirements and the deliverable.

Bring synergy in your operations with a streamlined digital presence with a brand management that would be second to none. The pace of the operations, as a result, would be faster and more efficient.

We are already sitting at a book value of USD 300,000 in upcoming projects and it includes the entire gamut of operations ranging from overview brochures to mobile app development.

Our registered office is in Noida, on the outskirts of Delhi and working hours are between 11:30 pm CST and 8:30 am CST on weekdays while it is between 11:30 pm CST and 2:30 am CST on Saturdays.

If my content is anything to go by till now, you know that you’re in safe hands. Do leave your comments just in case the need arises. Thanks!

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