R.I.P Barca

Yesterday’s Champions League Quarter-Final played in Portugal and the reverberations that were felt after the match or even during the match compelled me to end my blogging hiatus and type on it because Bayern Munich STEAMROLLED FC Barcelona 8-2. The scoreline suggests that they might have played cricket for a while but I assure you having seen it with my own eyes that it was quintessential football or soccer depending on what gets your fancy.

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The pre-game talk was all Barca with Arturo Vidal, proclaiming that Barca was not a Bundesliga team but the best in the world. Antoine Griezmann, the French left-winger who started as a substitute at half time, staring at 1-4 deficit, said that he had come prepared till the end of the tournament with his Playstation intact.

Lionel Messi, the demi-god, with the football at his feet cut a forlorn figure with not too much to note during the match. With Messi at 33, I’m not sure if he could command respect or carry the team on his shoulders like his yesteryear as much as I find his charisma appealing vis a vis a certain Mr. Ronaldo.

Social Media was replete with memes across the board with Barca’s capitulation with one tweet stating, “Barca lost because they 8-2 much!” Another interesting fact was that approximately $363 million worth of players such as Antoine Griezmann started as a substitute(as stated earlier), Ousmane Dembele was not used in the match and Philippe Coutinho who was loaned to Bayern eventually scored not one but two goals against his parent club.

The demise of Barca was on the cards with it being eliminated by Roma in 2018 in the Champions League, Liverpool humiliating them 4-0 at Anfield and now this with Thomas Muller, who scored two goals yesterday, going on record to say that the 7-1 defeat of Brazil in the World Cup in 2014 by Germany was less about control compared to the Bayern Munich thrashing of Barcelona. Joshua Kimmich, the Bayern right-back, also added that Alphonso Davies, the Bayern left-back, killed the Barca belief in the second half with his mesmerizing skills that led to the fifth goal.

With elections for President coming up for FC Barcelona, Josep Maria Bartomeu the incumbent on shaky ground, Quique Setien, the Manager on his last legs, calls for an overhaul being talked about, Barca needs a transition or is it?

Let me know what you think of what happened yesterday in the Champions League and did it strike a chord? Do you think Bayern Munich is in for European domination or it could be anybody’s game? Let me leave you with this fact, a winner in a game between Barca or Bayern goes on to win the Champions League. Care for a wager???

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