Sod Off

If you’ve been reading up on what I dole out regularly then you would realize that I don’t like dwelling on negatives and it takes a lot for me to go on a negative tangent. So here goes. Inspired by UFC 252, Stipe Miocic V ‘DC’ figuratively, I’d like to equate this day with another fight with my better half.

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Stipe Miocic/ Daniel Cormier

She asked me to contribute towards another test that would have cost 10k and I told her categorically that given the way she is as an individual and a person, I would never contribute my finances towards her. Bringing up our son is a different matter altogether and I’ll never fall short on that count, god willing.

She didn’t ask me once but twice and this is when I’m not earning, suffice to say that my savings might just get burnt. She is earning BTW handsomely with a government salary so it would take a lot of effort for her to let go of her job even though it is contractual and would last, hopefully, for another couple of years.

This topic is not new. I remember, around a year back when I wanted to buy a car and she refused to part with her savings which were required for the deal to go through. Right from the beginning, she has told me that what she earns is hers and what I earn is also hers. Sod off!

Rest assured, this expression is to let it out of the system with my support system still intact. However, with no interview in sight, let alone a job, I’d much rather stay away from the extracurricular. Did I mention that I’m a difficult person to live with? Tomorrow is another day

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