Scope for hope

The only reason why I don’t get disappointed after a job application rejection is that I know there are better companies and a better future in store. Its been two months, almost, since I was let go from my previous company and I am holding on like the Good Charlotte song. Rest assured, nowhere close to being suicidal or manic depressive but just trying to live the moment rather than MAKE A PLAN.

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Photo by vi Media from Pexels

This is almost like a diary entry cum confession because I had to tweak on my blogging calendar as well. Before this, I was blogging four times a week but now I do it only when I feel like it. Otherwise, I get guilty conscious thinking that the time can be better spent applying on different sites.

Yesterday, I applied for a job on a company website and I got an instant revert that said that the recipient’s inbox was full or there was too much traffic! Needless to add, I am not the only one hoping for the restart of the rat race.

Recently, I gave an interview and the rejection email was something like this,” We do not have enough openings for the position that you applied for but we are keeping your resume for the future” Tsk, tsk. My savings are taking a hit and I’m not sure if the next trip with the family is on the horizon. I would also have to keep my plans about a cafe racer bike on the back burner – Make the most of now.

Thankfully, the equation with my Missus is a lot better and we are miles away from Sod off. Family tranquility is essential for a sane head to put it mildly and long may it continue.

Thinking of putting a stop to blogging to put in more time towards reading a book or cycling which is the latest fad on Indian roads. My dad is after my life to add to my skills but I’m hoping THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

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