This post is more about random tangents in my head akin to a diary entry rather than something more substantial. Was gainfully employed till July when I was laid off due to COVID and have been on the lookout ever since. This is my way of coming to terms with the predicament that I find myself in.

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One of the few authors that I cannot read to date which is the exception rather than the rule is Salman Rushdie. In Midnight’s Children, he goes on to explain the protagonist, Salim Sinai’s, nose for four successive pages which are where I couldn’t continue and in a similar fashion wanted to describe the jamboree on television, Bigg Boss 14 or Big Brother’s Indian avatar.

It’s a freak show which is what I enjoy and is THE HIGHPOINT OF MY DAY when I watch it with my better half for an hour daily. The gossip, drama, shenanigans, shouting is second to none and I enjoy it thoroughly. Thought of coming up with a post on Bigg Boss but it would have veered towards a hate speech which is the antithesis of what I want to portray. Makes for entertaining viewing nevertheless.

The last vacation that I had with my family was in 2018 which was also the finale for Goa as a destination for me coincidentally. The following year, my son got Dengue after returning from his maternal home and that is a different story altogether. This year, he had COVID 19 which I believe was a false positive since no one in the family had it including the maids. We, as parents, never kept any social distancing or isolated ourselves considering he’s only three and God is kind, nothing untoward happened in the interim. This year as well, I guess, there would be no trips.

The only thought that keeps me going is that I have to buy my cafe racer bike in 2024(Continental GT by Royal Enfield) and I hope I can muster the finances considering the position that I’m in. God’s blessings and my parents’ hard work has proved till now that I haven’t felt the pinch. Hope I can sustain in the long run.

Drop me a line or share your tale on how the lockdown or the lack of it has treated you and your loved ones. Would be great to know your thoughts through this forum. Thanks and much appreciated for stopping by.

2 thoughts on “Musings

  1. Lockdown – I must say I like that I am (still) able to work at home with my family. I focus on the positive side. It made me more creative – not with blogging as of yet since I’m barely bouncing back after seeing your comments on my site 🙂 – with my animated photos!
    I hope your son will get better soon! Stay safe! GOD bless!!

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