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Oh My God! I have goosebumps typing this and it doesn’t get more surreal than this. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge or DDLJ completed 25 years and when it comes to your quintessential Rom-Com then it doesn’t get better than this.

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This was a time when India was spreading its wings globally, pun unintended, with the diaspora far and wide. Generation X or “the Oregon Trail Generation” was finding their feet with the advent of the internet and the information age just around the corner. The kind of tangents that this film produced in the population at large has stood the test of time and has become the longest-running Hindi movie of all time.

Yash Raj Films as the production company and Aditya Chopra as the captain of the ship could not have woven a more enjoyable tale of a spoilt rich NRI(Non-Resident Indian) falling for a girl who is touring Europe as the last stop before her impending marriage and what ensues is HISTORY.

Shah Rukh Khan, the czar of Bollywood as the leading man, and Kajol, the dusky damsel who arguably never looked as good as this changed their respective names on Twitter as Raj and Simran after the film for today. Forget about how many times have I watched it, my parents have watched it at least 15 times and I am not exaggerating.

There is no story if you don’t have a love story and this goes beyond congratulations and brickbats. I dare a critic to come up with a critique for this film and I bet she/he would be floundering for words. True love is all- encompassing and long may it continue on celluloid. Lilting melodies to this day, cinematography par excellence, stupendous script, no holds barred production, and a Director who redefined a genre and told us how it’s done!

FYI, there is a Bronze statue of Raj and Simran that is coming up on Leicester Square in London to celebrate the 25 years of the film. Let me know what you feel about the film if you’ve watched it and if you haven’t then what are you waiting for?

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