There is an Indian version of the joke that I’m about to share with you but since the majority of the readers are international, I have tweaked it accordingly keeping in mind sensibilities. FYI, I mean no disrespect and the following should be taken in good SPIRITS.

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In times gone by, when the world was free to roam around, there was a chance encounter of an Argentinian and a Brit in a bar in Clarke Quay, Singapore. Pints were followed by hard liquor and there was free-flowing banter all around. Thankfully, the topic of conversation did not veer towards football but instead towards their respective dense, black, long, well-kept beards, and a wager.

So, the Argentinian comes up with the idea that Argentina has given more renowned freedom fighters compared to the Brits and obviously it pinched the Englishman who vehemently disagreed.

They decide that they would take turns to name freedom fighters from their respective countries one-by-one and on naming a singular personality, would take out a strand of hair from the other’s beard.

The Argentinian starts with Ernesto “Che” Guevara and takes out a strand of hair from the Englishman’s beard. The Englishman retaliates with Winston Churchill and picks a singular hair from the Argentinian’s beard. The night is long and so is the conversation with the Argentinian growing in confidence and the Englishman having short-term memory loss owing to the drinks until the latter is at a loss for words.

The Englishman strains himself to mutter one more name and takes a swig of the fine blended scotch and he says, “Normandy!” and in the very same breath pulls the entire beard of the Argentinian!

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