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This is the only way I’m going to let go of what I just witnessed and it is SAD. I’ll support Manchester United till I am a memory but three losses in the opening six games and 15th in the Premier League after stupendous performances in the Champions League is a stutter way too often for my liking.

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Fans need to vent their frustrations and today is all the more reason to do it. Pogba kept fumbling and gave away the penalty, Fred was lackluster and kept spraying the ball, McTominay was non-existent, and Arsenal’s press was a Rubik’s cube for us giving them umpteen opportunities to take a shot and they came close on several occasions.

Playing the diamond leaves it too narrow or in other words, there is no width on the flanks and it becomes imperative to break the opposition down which wasn’t the case today. United had more touches in Arsenal’s ‘D’ in the first eight minutes of the second half than the entire first half combined which speaks volumes of the intensity or the lack of it thereof.

Bruno, Pogba, Van De Beek, Fred, Matic, and McTominay are a Manager’s delight when it comes to a midfield but what is our winning combination? We can’t keep passing the buck to the player who is not playing or is a late substitute. Ole has to sort this conundrum in the middle of the pitch along with rotation at regular intervals during the season or there might not be a UCL(UEFA Champions League) to contend with next year.

Domestic form is in tatters and some stern steps are needed because we’re running out of time. We have to make The Theater of Dreams an impregnable fortress with players who are proud to wear the badge and are in it to win trophies and the league. We are Man United and we shall overcome. Let this be the lowest of the lows so that it can’t get worse and tomorrow the Sun will shine again even if it’s MANCHESTER (United!).

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